Web Development

Travel Website

I have a year long experience of building a travel website from scratch while doing a year long placement at Strategy Desk.
I was responsible for designing and implementing database for the website. I have also build a traveling planning tool for the website which allowed user to plan their journey including hotel booking just through one tool. I also got a chance to build payment system for hotel booking by integrating Stripe API.

Technologies Used:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intellegence


A deep learning model based on LSTMs has been trained to tackle the source separation. The model learns the particularities of music signals through its temporal structure. The interface is built using Flask Web-Framework. Flask communicates with the trained Deep Learning Model to generate karaoke track.

Technologies Used:

iOS Development - Swift

Project Management Tool

Project Management Tool is a tool which allows

  • Students to manage tasks and projects for different module
  • Set reminder notification for the deadlines for different tasks
  • Allows students to sync calender with the deadlines and important dates stored on the App
Technologies Used:

Converter App

The app which allows users to convert weights, temperature, volumes, liquid volumes, distance and speed.
It also allows users to save their conversion and it is responsively designed for all iPhones.

Technologies Used: